Our Model Matches our Goal

It is our goal to make transcriptions a thoughtless act.

transcriptions should be free

Transcriptions enabled more and more people to engage with your content and we think that's great. No one should miss out because of a disability and we want to make sure of that.

That said, we are a business and need to make sure the lights stay on for everyone.

We do that through client work, donations, other projects under the Productivity in Tech Brand and through our pro users.

We use technology (and a lot of leg-work) to keep things cheap

The foundation of our technology is the speech-to-text algorithms made by the industry leaders in machine learning.

As our needs continue to grow we are actively researching more and more ways to increase efficiency and performance

Actively in Use

Under Research

We stay lean, intentionally

We Don't

While we happily accept donations from our users and any potential donors, we respectfully decline any venture backed investments that come with obligations.

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