Increase the ability to be heard!

Transcriptions are an easy way for people to find and consume your content. PIT Transcriptor allows you to quickly load audio files and generate transcripts.

Help More People Consume your Content

Transcriptions can be one of the most beneficial accessibility tools for content creators. It allows for people with hearing disabilities.

Transcriptions and Edits Done Quick.

PIT Transcriptor combines speech-to-text algorithms in combination with Markdown and Regular Expression Tools.

Empower your Community

We offer tools that allow you to approves edit requests from anyone. If you want to be more exclusive, we cover that as well.

Use it Wherever

Want to add your transcription on your own site. That's Cool, You can do that!

Want to connect your website to our transcriptions? Our API allows you to pull directly from our servers so users get the most up-to-date content without you having to work too hard.

Upload For Free!

Accessibility is important!

This is why we offer basic transcription and editing tools for free.

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THIS IS CURRENTLY IN ALPHA. Results and features may not be reliable. By uploading and using you are consenting to using your audio and video to improve the transcription algorithms.